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Reviewed by : M130E, -1, 2023/04/28
Had a great time on the tour and it was largely due to our tour guide Irene Kim! She is so kind, fun...
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Had a great time on the tour and it was largely due to our tour guide Irene Kim! She is so kind, funny, and knowledgeable and made the whole tour unforgettable. She took the time to explain everything from the history of what we were viewing to where we can get souvenirs and our last bathroom stop! Had a great time and highly recommend!
Reviewed by : M130E, -1, 2023/04/28  

A great tour. Clean and safe bus. The tour guide Eva was super friendly knowledgeable and helpful.
Booking was easy online.
The DMZ tour was super interesting and put into perspective the things I have learnt previously would definitely recommend.
Just be aware of stopping at the amethyst jewelry at the end.
Reviewed by : Jamie, -1, 2023/04/28  

Me and my husband had a great time on this tour. The guide, Irene, was super kind, funny
and attentive, she made a great job. Don't forget to bring your passport and comfy shoes to
walk down the tunnel.
Reviewed by : glroria, -1, 2023/04/28  

Our tour group had a wonderful time together. The military bases were fascinating, and the
kids learned a lot about Korean culture.
Reviewed by : Ddauyun, India, 2023/04/26  

My favorite parts were the 3rd Tunnel, the interesting stories that our friendly tour guide Eva
told us and the Dora Observatory. Due to the sunny weather (with also a few clouds
included) we had a great sight till over the border and got to know about korean history.
Reviewed by : Khunkan, UK, 2023/04/26  

The trip was a fantastic opportunity to share Korean culture and history with our children. They appreciated viewing the military complexes and learning about the war between North and South Korea.
Reviewed by : Depart, USA, 2023/04/26  

Day trip was good. Very educational and unique experience. It was a rainy day so trip was slightly affected. We could not see into North korea from Observatory. Guide was great, she did her best to secure tickets. However, due to increased flux of visitors to DMZ, we waited 6 hours for ticket time. Still better than getting sent back home, so thank you to Eva our guide. We purchased with North Korean defector. Good experience but paying the extra price is not worth it. Defector only answered questions. Also, if one person purchases on the trip, EVERYBODY benefits from it. I thought it would be more private time with defector. Would not upgrade to North Korean Defector package. Would rather just donate to them specifically.
Reviewed by : Anonymous, USA, 2023/04/14  

Eva was fantastic! We ended up being the last group that was able to get tickets to the DMZ which meant we had the last entry time, but instead of having us wait for 6 hours on our own, she took us on another mini tour! She was so knowledgeable and flexible with everyone. Our group had a great time!
Reviewed by : Eaielooc, UK, 2023/04/14  

DMZ tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis. There’s no advanced booking system; no guarantee that you’ll get tickets until your tour bus arrives at Imjingak Park on the day and your guide lines up for tickets. As it’s still an active military area, there is a daily cap of visitor tickets sold. We were informed that there was a backup alternative plan should we not be successful in getting tickets.

Despite the unpredictable situation, our guide Eva was fantastic — she was cheerful, informative, transparent and she looked after all of us very well. We departed Seoul at 5.30am and were fortunate enough to score tickets for the last tour of the day at 3pm (the super early departure was a good call by the tour company!). It was a very long wait, but it was out of our control - that’s just how the system works. To pass the time, we had a Q&A session on the bus with a North Korean defector, spent time around Imjingak Park, and had lunch at Unification Village.

At 3pm, we made it into the DMZ and stopped along Dora Observatory, the 3rd tunnel and Unification Village.

My advice for future travellers: prepare to be at the DMZ for most of the day. Depart early during peak tourist seasons, bring water and snacks (maybe a book!), and don’t make evening plans. Even if you’re lucky to get tickets on the day, you won’t know what time you’ll start/end.
Reviewed by : berlines, Deutsch, 2023/04/14  

Tripadvisor review: DMZ Tour from Seoul (include Guide, Vehicle, Ticket)
All good although be patient as guide has no input as to time you’re allowed through
Our guide Sung wonderful very patient and knowledgeable
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Reviewed by : Alison, -1, 2023/03/26  

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