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Unique opportunity to view a N. Korean town and talk to a defector.
Reviewed by : Anonymous, USA, 2020/02/14
This was an alternate tour because of the DMZ being closed due to African Swine Flu. Still a great t...
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This was an alternate tour because of the DMZ being closed due to African Swine Flu. Still a great tour. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and interesting. He answered all of our questions about the Korean conflict. Of course, being able to look into a North Korean town and talk to a defector were the main draws of this tour. Talking to the defector was the best part. It was great to hear about their experience and opinions on the politics of the Koreas. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Would recommend to anyone interested in Korean War history or life in N. Korea.
Reviewed by : Anonymous, USA, 2020/02/14  

We initially opted for the DMZ tour. We were informed the DMZ area was closed by UN due to african swine flu for safety reasons and were offered the NLL tour. We decided to proceed with the alternative tour and were promptly picked up at 8am at our hotel in Seoul. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and provided a lot of information about the history of north and south Korea. The NLL tour also comes with a Q&A with a north Korean defector, which we can ask questions through the tour guide during the bus ride. Passport and security checks are not required. Recommended if you are interested to learn about the history of Korea, and specifically to understand life as a north Korean defector. Service from booking the activity until the end of the tour was excellent!
Reviewed by : JW, USA, 2020/02/06  

The tour guide was awesome, very knowledgeable and interesting. He loves his job. I had a great time. Some rude people kept talking over him...RUDE. The only complaint I have is that there were not any North Korean soldiers in the blue house. I would have liked to have seen one. We got exactly what was promised out of this tour. The bimbimbap was delish. We were warned that we may not get to go to visit the JSA, but we did get to. thank goodness. Loved it. It was an ALL day tour. Left in the morning and arrived home in the evening. Long ride home. :)

Reviewed by : angelmylife, USA, 2019/12/06  

We were fortunate enough to go on a day when the JSA was open. We were even luckier to see a tour going on across the border at the same time as ours. Overall, the guides (both our primary tour guide and the soldiers who guided us at the JSA) were full of stories and interesting facts, and we learned a lot from this. While at the JSA we were able to enter T2 and within that building, we were able to cross into the North Korean side, which was kind of surreal. The other sites aside from the JSA were all pretty interesting and provided a fuller view of the DMZ as well as a more complete understanding of the conflict and the current status of the day-to-day reality of these two countries. The Third Infiltration Tunnel was REALLY cool and shows the rather chilling reality of the war that's still going on, even if it's just on pause. Be prepared that while you can take pictures in every other place, you can't take photos in the tunnel or the military base right before you go to the JSA (you CAN take photos at the JSA though), and the tunnel is not an easy climb back up. You have to walk up a ramp to exit the tunnel and it's pretty long and at a rather steep incline, so be prepared for that.
Reviewed by : Csiggy, USA, 2019/09/23  

The DMZ tour with the North Korean defector was a memorable and unforgettable experience. Definitely a must do when visiting Korea for the first time. This tour gained me more knowledge and a better understanding about the Korean War and the Korean Peninusla. The tourguide was one of the best tourguides I could ever imagined and gave me a better impression of the DMZ area. Also the North Korean defector revealed us about her life in North Korea and on the way back to Seoul there was a Q & A session. It was truly heartbreaking to hear her story and it made me realize how lucky I am. During the trip we have visited the Third Tunnel an amazing experience and a good physical exercise. Wear comfortable shoes as the tunnel is quite steep. After the tunnel we headed to the new Dora observatory where we could see a glimpse of North Korea. The tourguide explained and pointed out some interesting sights for us. After that we have visited the Dora train station the future gateway to North Korea. Currently it isn't in operation but you can get your stamp for Pyeongyang. Maybe one day this will be the gateway to the North.
Reviewed by : karen, -1, 2019/09/23  

Me and my friend were amazed with the tour to DMZ. It was another experience to see the land of the forbidden. Our tour guide was excellent and I would give him 5 star for his knowledge and made us for the day. Perfect tour!
Reviewed by : Lin, Saudi Arabia, 2018/06/05  

Our family was on the DMZ tour where the summit is an issue around the area. We had a great time and experience with a good English speaking tour guide who explained with wide information for Korea. The tour was well organized and we were able to have nice time for the day.
Reviewed by : Kenneth, USA, 2018/05/30  

Very good half day tour of the DMZ. We got picked up directly at the front door of our hotel with a modern and clean shuttle. The tour is designed for small groups of people, so the knowledgeable guide can answer all the questions of the group.
Pretty tight schedule, so you don't get to stay more than 20 minutes on most locations, but this depends on the DMZ rules.
Definitely would recommend to anyone interested in North/South Korea history.
Reviewed by : Alessandro, Ireland, 2017/11/01  

We booked this tour at very short notice and received the confirmation within a few minutes which was great. Pickup was right on time from our hotel. We were taken with a minibus to the regular coach. The tour was fully booked but the ride was comfortable. Our guide Han was very friendly and kept telling us about Korean history in general and more detailed about the history of the Korean war. He explained what had happened and what we were going to seen. We had several stops: the freedom bridge, the museum, the third tunnel etc. The only disappointment for us was that we had too little time for the museum. We would have liked to spend more time there to see all the displays and read the texts. At the end we went to see an amethyst factory. For us, this was not so interesting but most probably some people enjoyed the chance to buy some gifts there. Finally we were dropped of at Itaewon area. All in all a great way to spend the day if you are interested in Korean history and politics, and if you want to glimpse at North Korea. We can recommend this tour!
Reviewed by : SaSa1312, USA, 2017/11/01  

My friend and I stayed in Seoul für 4 days and after taking this trip we have to say its an absolut must see.
Reviewed by : Raphael, Swiss, 2017/11/01  

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