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An Inspiring sight!! Just Enjoy Snow!!

Have a fun-filled day at a ski resort by signing up for the meeting with the Dazzling Snow tour! This tour allows you to create memorable winter wonderland experiences that will surely last a lifetime. Make snow angels, ride a small sled downhill, make snowmen, take lots of fun pictures! You can even upgrade your tour if you wish to go snowboarding, sledding or skiing.

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Fully Guided & Hosted Korea Ski Tour Packages

Have you always wanted to learn how to ski? If you're a beginner, this ski tour package is perfect for you! A professional ski instructor that will teach you the basic principles of the sport will guide you. Basic training will also include how to manage the gear and equipment so you can safely ski the slopes by yourself by the end of the day!

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Challenge It! Pure Power Adventure Package

This special day tour package is for those who wish to enjoy a fun-filled day at the ski resort with friends and family at a special discounted price! This tour package involves full transportation to the ski resort from the hotel you are staying at. Ski gloves and gear rental is included as well as the ski lift ticket.

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Improvement Economy Full Ski Tour Package

If you would like to maximize your trip to the Yangpyeong Ski Resort, this overnight tour is for you! Enjoy an exciting day trip to snow-laden mountains, take lots of pictures while playing in the snow, and go skiing and snowboarding. Since you'll be staying at the ski resort overnight, you can do it all again the next day! This tour package is for those looking to have a complete ski resort experience.

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Ski Resorts Articles

Winter’s Best Offering 3 ski resort in Korea!

Ski resorts in Korea have fine snow conditions and are equipped with the best facilities for ski enthusiasts. Along with the wonderful scenery, Korea is an excellent destination for your winter getaway.

Korean Winter Tour

Riding through the white snowed slopes with the wind blowing across your face, this great feeling and experience can only be known by skiers and boarders. As we can see the approach of the 2018 winter Olympic sport coming up in two years, ...

Code of conducts to be kept by skiers and boarders at the ski resort!!!

- First/allow the skiers and boarders who knows how to tide well to go first.
- When going out to ski/board or when you are stopping make sure to check your surroundings.

Compare features of the Korea Ski Resort BEST 6

There are so many people who are enjoying winter sports in Korea, so there are dozens of ski resort. Yong Pyeong Resort, Konjiam Resort, Bokwang Phoenix Park, ...





Relative Ski Tour Packages

Jisan Forest Ski Resort

This beautiful ski resort is lined with pine trees and its gentle slopes are perfect for beginners. They even have a special avec course for couples! Did we mention that it's also less than an hour away from Seoul?

Yangji Pine Resort Ski Valley

This state of the art 90 acre ski resort offers 7 slopes with varying difficulties that everyone from beginners to expert-level skiers can enjoy. Visitors can also head to the view deck or go rock-climbing or bungee jumping. There's also karaoke and so much more.

Yongpyong Ski Resort

With over 28 slopes, Yongpyong Ski and Snowboarding Resort offers a wide variety of options for every difficulty level. The Mega Green beginners' slope is the widest in the country. Located just 3 hours away from Seoul, It is considered as the largest ski resort in Korea today.

Alpensia Ski Resort

Pyeongchang Alpensia Ski Resort relatively takes a long period of time to get to and is located far away from the metropolitan area making this ski tour course difficult and impossible for a one day journey.

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