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[ Korea-Tip ] Korea Special Day - The Lunar New Years day
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The Lunar New Year’s Day called Seollal
in Korea is a very special day.

In Korea, everyone becomes one year older on New Years
Some of you might know that Korean New Year is just around the corner and in fact, it’s on the 3rd of February; it’s the first day of the lunar calendar and same as Chinese new year.
Korea is this year's New Year's Day is February 19th.  The statutory holidays from 18 days up to 20 days.

Koreans celebrate the New Year by eating tteokguk.  Koreans say that they get one year older when they eat a bowl of tteokguk on New Year's Day.

Korean play traditional New Year games with everyone such as Yut, Kite flying, top-spinning.

When we celebrate Lunar New Year's Day in our country, we pay our respects to elders by kneeling and bowing to them.   One of the things Korean children love about Korean New Year is “Sae Bae Don”.
When bow to their elders and family members wish each other prosperity and good fortune, in return, the elders give “Sae Bae Don” (New year’s luck money) to the children.
Happy holidays, everyone!
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