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The Importance of a Seoul City Tour Guide in Korea

The terminology of a tour guide can be defined as: a person who is hired to conduct and point out objects of interest for tourist or travelers. The other definition, state that a tour guide is a person employed, either directly by the traveler, an official or private tourist, or an  organization, travel agency, to inform, direct and advise the tourist before and during his journey. According to the definition of a tour guide, we know the duty and responsibility of a tour guide include all activities related to the tourist activities starting from tourist arrival to a country or starting from the tour activities until the departure of the country or the end of activities and tour.  

Since we are in Korea, we will especially be referring to a Korean Seoul City tour guide of a travel agency. These guides have a great role in developing tourism in any scale, either in regional or national. A tour guide in Korea has the duty to inform tourist about objects and any point of interest in certain regions which spread out in the whole country. In this case, he or she is also as a front liner in developing tourism, expected to give the best services to the tourists so  the tourist feel satisfied and have a willing to return once more when they have the opportunity to come again. It is hoped that they can come back to the tourist destination not only alone but also invite their friends, families or colleagues as a prof they really were satisfied and impressed with the tourist destination that they visited. This is the real duty of a tour guide of Korea and this is not an easy duty but a heavy duty.




A seoul tour guide is a person who guides the visitors in the language of their choice. In Korea, A Seoul Tour guide leads a group of people around the museum, town, and important venues. Guides are the representative of the cities for which they are qualified and they interpret the culture and heritage of the area, in this case Seoul Korea. Guide helps travelers to understand the culture of the region and the way of life in its inhabitants. On one hand their role is to promote the cultural and natural heritage and on other hand making the visitors aware of its importance. In Korea, you have a history of 6,000 years to explain and to show. The development of Seoul within the past 50 years. Tour guides in Korea provide full information about the features and history of a location, example the Gyeongbok palace. As the importance of places is known by the Seoul tour guide, he or she will educate and narrate to you all the local stories, history, and culture as and when each location appears. The importance is placed on the Korean guide's knowledge; they will try their best to explain to you in the language you know. While traveling to the next location, the Seoul tour guides are to entertain you, and gives you relevant information about the place where you will be visiting next. On visiting any historical place, a guide within Korea must show complete knowledge of that place and the full knowledge is required.


This helps the guide in Korea to narrate the history of that place in detail. If you move without a guide you will not come to know anything about the place you are visiting and you will not understand what you are experiencing or looking truly, you will not come to understand the true meaning of why a place is established or why it was made as it is. A Seoul City Tour Guide answers all your questions and you can gain much knowledge from them. Many times it happens that we ignore small things, but always the small details contains a big story, so only the Seoul City Tour guide can educate us about these things. Before going on a trip you can ask your friends and relatives about the place which they have been at before. But to retrieve the whole insight information about the place or what you are experiencing, is better received by an appointed guide. A Seoul Tour guide helps you to know about the climatic condition, culture, language, specialty of the place and also helps us to buy famous thing available within the area.


A tour guide in Korea must be capable of interpreting the cultural and natural heritage of an area and possess a specific qualification usually issued and/or recognized by the appropriate authority. A Tour guide in Korea must be thoroughly knowledgeable about the cities, regions and countries where they work. It is the responsibility of the tour guide to help travelers understand the culture of the region and the way of life of its inhabitants. They have to promote the cultural and natural heritage and at the same time impress on the visitors the significance of the place they are visiting.
A Seoul City tour guide is a person who leads groups of tourists around a town, and takes them around to various tourist spots of importance and provides a commentary on the history and special features of the location. Well-qualified tour guides provide entertaining, relevant and organized heritage information to tourists. The tour guide have the additional responsibility to keep all the tourist happy, comfortable and satisfied visiting various places.


In Korea, being a tour guide is considered to be prestigious. There are however strict national laws concerning the tour guide profession. Only officially certified tour guides, educated along national guidelines may commercially guide tourists. These Seoul city tour guide is essentially the person who accompanies visitors on local tours of sights and establishments in Korea. Seoul City Tour guides usually live in the area where they work and know all there is to know about the site, city, region, or country where they guide. They study the history, monuments, artwork, environment, culture, and attractions so they can inform visitors coming to the place on tour. There are tour guide training courses in Korea - through an e-book, online and offline classes. Tour guide training will arm you with a bundle of knowledge to help overcome obstacles when trying to enter this career field.

The meaningfulness of your tour "experience" is based primarily on the knowledge and ability to communicate with your guide. They make an unforgettable experience. They make a trip in Korea Unforgettable…..




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