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Reviewed by : Richard, USA, 2023/08/18
I personally liked the monuments and background of each introduced at Imjingak most, as well as the ...
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DMZ + Panmunjeom Combined Tour
Buffering hostilities from the north and south, the heavily guarded premises of Panmunjeom are located in the middle of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and remain reserved strictly for political engagements. Providing the only road connecting the two countries, it is here where the historical signing of the Armistice Agreement took place between Communist forces and the United Nations Command (UNC) i...   More info »
Recent traveler reviews:
The tour guide was awesome, very knowledgeable and interesting. He loves his job. I had a great time. Some rude people kept talking over him...RUDE. The only complaint I have is that there were not any North Korean soldiers in the blue house. I would have liked to have seen one. We got exactly what was promised out of this tour. The bimbimbap was delish. We were warned that we may not get to go to visit the JSA, but we did get to. thank goodness. Loved it. It was an ALL day tour. Left in the morning and arrived home in the evening. Long ride home. :)

Reviewed by : angelmylife, USA, 2019/12/06
We were fortunate enough to go on a day when the JSA was open. We were even luckier to see a tour going on across the border at the same time as ours. Overall, the guides (both our primary tour guide and the soldiers who guided us at the JSA) were full of stories and interesting facts, and we learned a lot from this. While at the JSA we were able to enter T2 and within that building, we were able to cross into the North Korean side, which was kind of surreal. The other sites aside from the JSA were all pretty interesting and provided a fuller view of the DMZ as well as a more complete understanding of the conflict and the current status of the day-to-day reality of these two countries. The Third Infiltration Tunnel was REALLY cool and shows the rather chilling reality of the war that's still going on, even if it's just on pause. Be prepared that while you can take pictures in every other place, you can't take photos in the tunnel or the military base right before you go to the JSA (you CAN take photos at the JSA though), and the tunnel is not an easy climb back up. You have to walk up a ramp to exit the tunnel and it's pretty long and at a rather steep incline, so be prepared for that.
Reviewed by : Csiggy, USA, 2019/09/23
The tour was a great experience. We really enjoyed the good organization and the kind tour guide. We got picked up by a minibus at a hotel near our housing and were brought to the tourbus. The tour guide was very nice and good informed. He was talking almost the whole bus ride, so that the bus ride was not boring at all. He was not only talking about history and the current situation, he also mentioned some interesting facts about Seoul. The highlight of the tour was definitely the JSA area, with the unreal experience of facing directly the boarder of northkorea and even cross it at the conference room. Also the 3rd tunnel and the Dora Observatory were nice experience.The view about the landscape of northkorea with the 160 metre flag, the propaganda village and the big industrial complex was amazing. They also played the propaganda program of northkorea at the Dora Observatory. Sadly we were not able to visit the Bridge of No Return for security reasons as it is planned in the program. Our group consisted of about 10-15 people, which is in my opinion the perfect size for a tour like this. On our way back we were dropped off at an amethyst jeweler and we were able to buy something, but it was no problem to rush through it and go back to the bus without buying anything. All in all the tour was a great experience and is really worth its price.
Reviewed by : Philipp, Canada, 2017/10/07
Price (KRW: ₩)
Our Price ₩ 220,000 
Tour Info
Location  Seoul City
Duration  08:00 - 17:00
Pax  Minimum 1
Tour rating  
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DMZ + Panmunjeom Combined Tour (with pickup service)
Buffering hostilities from the north and south, the heavily guarded premises of Panmunjeom are located in the middle of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and remain reserved strictly for political engagements. Providing the only road connecting the two countries, it is here where the historical signing of the Armistice Agreement took place between Communist forces and the United Nations Command (UNC) i...   More info »
Recent traveler reviews:

In the morning we were picked up by our tour guide S.P. Hong: He is a really charming guy with good english skills and a broad knowledge about WWII and the Korean history. During the trip from Seoul to the DMZ he told us about the historical conditions which led to the korean seperation as we know it today. The trip felt very comfortable due to his funny manner.
Our first stop took us to Imjingak Park where we took a short break. I would have liked to stay there a little longer, especially because it was strange to see a theme park this close to the Korean border.
After the passport control we went to the third infiltration tunnel. Since we were not the only tour group we were shown a short movie about the DMZ.
The tunnel itself was fascinating. Located in a depth of about 70 meters it was quite exhausting to walk all the way down and up again. Nevertheless we had plenty of time and the tunnel is broad enough and also ventilated, what made it comfortable to walk through.
Afterwards we had a short stop at Dora observatory, where we were able to see one of North Koreas propaganda cities and also hear its loudspeakers whose nonstop announcements were translated for us by S.P.
At the JSA we met our military escort Walter and heard a talk about the area and its past. He also advised us how to behave and when it is allowed to take photos, etc.
After this introduction a bus took us to the Military Armistice Commission Conference Room, being the centerpiece of the tour.
Standing in front of the actual border gives you a spine-tingling feeling. But crossing the border and physically standing inside North Korea gave me an adrenaline rush.
Allthough we just had a few minutes, we could take lots of photos - also with the south Korean soldiers which were present.
Summarizing the tour I can highly recommend it to anyone who visits South Korea. I had a really great experience which is barely comparable to any other trip I made - and it was totally worth it.
Reviewed by : Anonymous, Deutsch, 2017/09/07
Aside from several changes of vehicle in Seoul before the start of the tour, everything went well throughout the trip.
The number of participants was just right, the information given during the tour sufficient enough. I would have given it a 5 star if we were given a little more time to explore each of the sites we visited. We got back to Seoul, i thought too early.
But overall everything was great.
I will definitely recommend this tour to my friends and most likely will do it again.
Reviewed by : Anonymous, Philippines, 2017/09/07
Price (KRW: ₩)
Our Price ₩ 210,000 
Tour Info
Location  Seoul City
Duration  08:00 - 17:00
Pax  Minimum 1
Tour rating  
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Hello, Seoul Tour (#2)
This palace has fairly extensive grounds in the midst of the city   More info »
Recent traveler reviews:
Our tour guide had a wide knowledge about Korean history. His expanation was very clean so we could have a chance to understand Korean History. And the royal guard changing ceremony was so impressive. I recommend you enjoy this tour.
Reviewed by : Mark, Deutsch, 2016/08/29
I didn't have much time to sightsee in Seoul, so I did this tour from 09:00 to 12:00.
It was short but impressive tour. Thank you.
Reviewed by : Diana, USA, 2016/07/14

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Dear Tony

After having stayed in Seoul at the end of April we wanted to thank you for Allseoultours.com help with our trip.
Eespecially Ms. Donna great help. She made many things possible within a very short notice she showed and explained several things to us that were important for our stories and he did all that with a lot of competence and enthusiasm.

Thank you!

Best wishes from Shmidt
Reviewed by : Shmidt, Deutsch, 2014/05/19
Price (KRW: ₩)
Our Price ₩ 60,000 
Tour Info
Location  Seoul City
Duration  3hrs 30 min
Pax  Minimum 1
Tour rating  
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Highlight Full Day Seoul City Tour (#7)
The changing of the guards ceremony that takes place at Gyeongbok Palace is probably the most popular.
This ceremony is not very flashy, but majesty.
If you were to watch the ceremony, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Korea.   More info »
Recent traveler reviews:
I had an excellent meeting. Ron was a fantastic tour travel guide. I learned a lot about Seoul and the Korean life. I appreciate all they've done for me.
Reviewed by : Climber, -1, 2023/03/25
Ron's attention to detail is much appreciated. Thank you for making me feel welcome and brightening my day. If you chance to be in Seoul, you should definitely go; I really enjoy it.
Reviewed by : D.Sug, -1, 2023/03/25
It was an amazing experience of my life. Beautifully built palaces and a good tour guide Mr. Hong made my trip great. Thank you.
Reviewed by : Jannice, Malaysia, 2016/07/25
Price (KRW: ₩)
Our Price ₩ 150,000 
Tour Info
Location  Seoul City
Duration  8 Hrs
Pax  Minimum 3
Tour rating  
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NLL Special Military Tour (180,000/person (Min2) ,150,000/person (Min4))
NLL (Northern Limit Line)
Choice No. 1 tour! NLL tour is one of the most unique sights seeing among foreigners!!
'Korea' which is the only divided country!!! A thrilling historical place to visit where South Korea and North Korea is confronted for 24 hours!
Try out this trip which will leave you feeling in suspense throughout the silenent and peaceful atmosphere.   More info »
Price (KRW: ₩)
Our Price ₩ 180,000 
Tour Info
Location  Seoul City
Duration  08:00-14:30
Pax  Minimum 2
Tour rating  
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